How To Feck Perfuction by James Victore

How To Feck Perfuction

You were born wildly creative. When you tap into that superpower, you will find a gold mine of limitless potential. I want to help you rediscover it.

This video course goes deep into the art of fecking perfuction, getting creatively unstuck, trusting the power of your creativity, and taking control of your creative freedom.

The 6-part course is available to you in both video and audio format. It’s conveniently self-paced, with Q+A goodness on the tail end of each section. 

What's included?

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How To Feck_Study Guide.pdf
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How To Feck Perfuction: Part 1, VOICE
34 mins
How To Feck Perfuction: Part 2, FEAR
43 mins
How To Feck Perfuction: Part 3, START
32 mins
How To Feck Perfuction: Part 4, ACTION
27 mins
How To Feck Perfuction: Part 5, HABITS
24 mins
How To Feck Perfuction: Part 6, PURPOSE
30 mins
A downloadable daily reminder
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Audio Files
How To Feck: Part 1.mp3
34 mins
How To Feck: Part 2.mp3
43 mins
How To Feck: Part 3.mp3
32 mins
How To Feck: Part 4.mp3
27 mins
How To Feck: Part 5.mp3
30 mins
How To Feck: Part 6.mp3
24 mins


"James is the art school professor / mentor / supportive BFF I wish I had. In ‘How to Feck Perfuction’ I was finally able to see & understand how my perfectionist tendencies have held me back. I left feeling inspired and reconnected to my intuitive creative self. I love the way James weaves design history and wise spiritual teachings into actionable advice for living and working as a creative person. It really feels like he’s talking to only you. There is something for everyone to take away from this course!"
Kaitlin Maud
"I make a lot of money producing OK, if slightly average book jackets, but have zero fulfillment in the broader, body-of-work sense. You helped me realize the amount to which I've been coasting. Your presentation inspired me to think about why I originally got involved in graphic design and to start making shit that I love instead of worthless design which pays the bills. My profuse thanks."
Jesse Benjamin
“James Victore is a man of action. He believes that knowing about jazz and wine and auto-racing can make you a better designer. That graphic design is about experiences and stories and using your hands. That the best designs punch you in the gut – or, at the very least, stop you in your tracks.”

Jocelyn Glei, 99U
“Guns blazing, James Victore speaks with audacity, candor, and unmatched intensity. His lectures abruptly inspire, offering not a passive call-to-action but a demand for change, promising to light a fire - not only in your heart, but also under your ass.”

Jenny Venn
"I hold you up as a beacon of wit and humour in a time of style-over-substance, giving hope to the next generation of intelligent designers that they can stand out in a sea of trend-following drones. Your work is an inspiration to me and gives me the courage to say FUCK IT and create the work I want to create; the stuff about the big issues that are important to me (and should be important to everyone else)."
Andy Ashwin

James Victore

James Victore is an author, artist and designer to brave clients. As a creative thought leader James is a sought after speaker known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about creativity and it’s place in the world. He teaches how to illuminate your individual gifts in order to find clarity and purpose. His work is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.